It’s your story. I just help tell it. Some of my clients just need to be pointed in the right direction when it comes to developing their content strategy. Sound familiar?


Need a few tweaks? Perhaps you have great ideas and good writing skills, but you want to make your readers sit up and take notice? I can help with that.


Original copy. If you’re still building your confidence as a writer, don’t sweat it. I can put good words where you need them. Lots of good words.

Everyone Needs an Editor

“Fast-paced” doesn’t have to mean “sloppy” when it comes to copywriting and copyediting. With nine years of print journalism experience and seven online, I have the experience to tell you whether that punctuation should go inside quotation marks and whether it’s “your” or “you’re.” (See? The period always goes inside the quotation marks.)

But not only that, I can help you build your online presence with executive bios and press releases, media kits and brand campaigns.

Need good words? I got ’em.

It’s me, Jo England.